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What is more romantic than opening a little blue box and finding a Tiffany solitaire diamond engagement ring inside? When your love has made it to the “I can’t live life without you” stage and you’re searching for a romantic destination for your wedding ceremony and reception, consider getting married in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas has the glitz and glamour of New York City, Hollywood and Paris but without the expensive fees. Did you know that The Knot reported that the price for an average wedding in Manhattan is over $80,000 and in Los Angeles the cost is nearly $40,000. No wonder that couples from around the globe (115,000 according to Wikipedia) choose Las Vegas for their destination wedding and is the reason Vegas is called “The Marriage Capital of the World.”

Las Vegas Wedding Photo on Strip: Get married in Vegas

Some couples come to Las Vegas to have an inexpensive wedding ceremony, but thousands of others have learned that Vegas also offers romantic and intimate chapels, extravagant hotel ballrooms, quaint outdoor gardens and some of the most famous restaurants in America. And while upscale Vegas isn’t cheap, brides and grooms find that the value provided is a far better deal than they’d find at home or in other major metropolitan areas, and actually save money on their wedding festivities. In fact, even after factoring in the cost of airfare, accommodations, (yes, at luxury resorts such as Wynn, Venetian and Bellagio) the wedding ceremony, flowers, photography, limousines, attire, reception and other activities, they spend HALF as much as they would have if they had the same event at home.

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